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Apparel Fabrics
3, 4, 5 (Fri, Sat, Sun) March 2023
Trade Centre, KTPO, Whitefield,
Bangalore, India.

Visitor's Testimonials

Jayasiri Silva, Managing Director,
Nordtex, Sri Lanka

The presentation and organization of the show was excellent. I was able to collect a lot of information as well as pick up some good samples. We are working on the pricing and if it turns out competitive we will definitely be placing orders.

Mr. Anis A Sattar, Managing Director,
M/S. Fergasam Group Companies

Excellent Work done by F&A, arrangments & facilities properly planned and executed very well. We will promote in Sri Lanka. I was looking for some digital fabrics and accessories, which is really good and I got some resources here.

Mr. Goby. S Head of Sourcing
M/S. Page Garment Exports Pvt Ltd

It was good show and quality of the products are good. Actually we were looking for swim wear fabrics but that is not there this is the drawback for us. Other than this accessories and other products were good. Arrangements are really good.

Mr. Gurucharan
M/S. AGM RM Sourcing Page Garment Exports Pvt Ltd

It's a good show I mainly came for nets but could not get much I got accessories overall its ok. Compared to last time this its well organized and crowd is also good. Season wise its correct time.

Mr. Muthuram Barathy – Head of Merchandising,
M/S. Laguna Clothing Pvt Ltd.

Stalls are good with its innovative fabrics, trims and accessories. Overall I Feel this is a good show. I got Some new vendors on trims and accessories. If things go well I will place order.

Mr. Sanchit Gupta – Manager,
M/S. Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd.

Show is really nice lot of suppliers are here, it’s a quite relevant show. I hope You have more participation next year. It’s a good collection of yarn, fabrics and trims. The quality is also goog but we would also love to have some established players so that the existing players also look forward for good quality. Suggestion is that the show should be on week days.

Ms. Aparna Singh,
M/S. Tesco Sourcing India Private Limited

New things to see I am amazed to see few me to the products like reflective prints on fabrics. F&A is an excellent show and it has to br extended for one more day so that we can spend more time.

Mr. N.G. Gruprasad – GM Fabric Sourcing and Supply Chian Knitwear,
M/s. Gokaldas Images Pvt Ltd.

Its really good show with lot of stuffs I am very much impressed the way it is organized. The organizer has arranged pick up and drop from our office, that is still more impressing one. From our company around 25 of them have come, all oh them from top management to merchandiser since its held in week end its goog that we can and improve the sourcing knowledge. In all aspect its very good show.

Ms. Vivinenne Almedia – Product Head,
M/s. House of Aroita Donges Ltd.

Event Was Very informative and quality of the materials displayed are very good. I got many vendors and going to place the order with them soon. F&A is excellent the show should be held in the winter season. Reliance Recron and VSM Weavess products impressed me more.

Jayasiri Silva, Managing Director,
Nordtex, Sri Lanka

The presentation and organization of the show was excellent. I was able to collect a lot of information as well as pick up some good samples. We are working on the pricing and if it turns out competitive we will definitely be placing orders.

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